Meet your Princess, your dangerous new addiction ... Princess Serenity.  I’m young, hot, bratty, manipulative and a Princess that will fuck you up royally. My hot body get’s Me whatever I want. I turn heads, blow minds and make men weak and when you’re weak I am in TOTAL control. Let’s face it, you only have one thing to offer a Princess like Me and that’s your wallet. you will learn from the first time you speak to Me that I am entitled to EVERYTHING and I deserve only the finest things in life. I will make you cock stupid and have you wrapped around My little finger in no time!

My giggles will become imbedded deep inside your brain ... they’re actually a very powerful trigger. I enjoy raise the rate calls, you begging to shop for Me while on the phone, pay to view games that get you totally addicted and of course just hearing your adoration for ME!

Fetishes that I love are:
  • Financial Domination
  • Loser Abuse
  • Femdom
  • Ignore
  • Feminization
  • Mindfuck
  • Cock Control
  • Tease & Denial

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